Self Cleaning Filter from Galaxy Sivtek is designed & drafted in such a way that it can filter watery liquid applications to extremely viscous liquid applications. This auto clean filter eliminates or separates all unwanted suspended solid particles. Automatic self cleaning filter works on Delta P principal i.e. on pressure difference principal allowing continuous filtering process. Industrial experts consider automatic filter as the most qualified alternative to another conventional self-cleaning strainer, cartridge filter, etc for more than one reason. 

But the most important of all of them is our filter enables continuous 24*7 production process. With other conventional industrial liquid filters requirement of cleaning filter arises after every batch, but the self-cleaning filter is powered by pneumatic cylinder with cleaning disk that eliminates solid impurities at the regular time & allows continuous process which removes the need for changing the filter. To understand how it works watch the video below. Liquid applications like liquid chocolate get solidified at low temperature during filtration & the filtration process is ceased. To overcome such condition, we provide a jacketing system that allows the flow of hot water outside the filter body. Due to hot water, the solidified material starts melting & the filtration isn’t interrupted.

Galaxy Sivtek is the largest industrial filters manufacturer in the world. Our Inline liquid filter comes with a PLC system that enables complete customized automation. To add on to the description, we deliver the auto clean filter in mirror & bead blast finish, inflammable components with the jacketing system. You can request a Self-Cleaning liquid Filter as per your customized requirement. The Automatic filter can be customized with the dual cylinder to handle the heavy flow of the liquid application.We export self-cleaning filter with different capacity level. SF 250 SF 500, SF 800 & SF 1600 models are our most installed filters.

Consumption of power is reduced due to the pressure drops and flow rates prevailing in the filter.

Filter works efficiently without any chaos and production line runs smoothly without any rundowns.

Set and Be Free Controls : Cylinder Stroke ,Contaminant Purge & Operator Involvement in SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter


Published 24/02/2022