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Zallys – Electric Vehicles

About Zallys

24 years of experience in designing and producing professional electric vehicles, have made Zallys a leading company in the sector, able to offer logistic solutions that can satisfy every need related to the moving of wheeled loads, people and materials in various sectors of the manufacturing industry.


Zallys products are designed to provide maximum functionality for all the applications they can be used for.


A continuous improvement to products is done to keep up with the latest technologies and to be able to offer the best solutions to our customers. Our electric material handling solutions are equipped with all the necessary safety features and are manufactured in Italy with high quality materials.


Particular attention is paid to the design and functional aspect of all our electric utility vehicles. User ergonomics and safety are the fundamental principles of our design processes.

  • Industrial Logistic
  • Integrated logistic & retail chains
  • Hospitals
  • Rollboxes and bins handling
  • Airports
  • Facilities management companies
  • Constructions
  • Hotel, resorts & tourism
  • Offshore, oil and gas sector
  • Mines & tunnels
  • Municipalities
  • Custom solutions
  • Green maintenance
  • Agriculture, breeding & wineries
  • Cemeteries
  • Etc

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