DVP Vacuum Technology

DVP Vacuum Technology, a reality for nearly 50 years in the vacuum technology industry, competes globally in the production of Vacuum Pumps and Compressors found to be applied in many industrial areas. Constant customer care and listening are a true business mission and reach the highest levels in unique solutions: tailor – made products and processes, tailored to the needs of DVP Lab, DVP’s innovative and technological lab, surprising results through the use of software simulation of the latest generation, in the order to reduce the development time of new products. 

The systems are designed and manufactured to be used in all the same individual pumps applications, and mainly in centralized vacuum systems, as units suitable for creating and maintaining a certain vacuum within the system that allows a proper operation of the equipment connected to it. The installation of a central production the equipment connected to it. The installation of a central production vacuum is advantageous especially in terms of energy savings, because the pumps automatically switch on only when needed by the user. 


Oil Lubricated Technology

 Lubricated vacuum pumps are used when the intake flow may contain moisture, or when a better final pressure is required.  These pumps may run continuously within certain pressure ranges, or connected to containers to be emptied, whose volume is appropriately sized for the pump flow rate. Long-term use at atmospheric pressure is not recommended. We recommend using the WR versions whenever the amount of intake vapour is considerable. The main application fields include: vacuum sealed packaging, thermoforming machines, glass or marble working machines, medical equipment, food-grade pastes or clay extruders.

Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Pumps

Oil Seal Pumps

Dry Vacuum Technology

Dry Vacuum Pumps can run continuously exclusively with clean, dry air. Unlike  other kinds of pumps, the dry rotary vane pumps can run at any pressure. Maintenance is very easy and consists of replacing the vanes and cleaning the filters.

The main application fields include: suction cup movements, automatic machines, woodworking machines. Dry vane vacuum compressors have no particular restrictions on their use, except for the maximum operating pressure which should not exceed the rated value. For this reason it is always recommended to use a safety valve.

Oil-Free Rotary Vane Pumps

Claw Pumps

Piston Pumps

Lobe Pumps


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