Our Designers at Galaxy Sivtek have designed vacuum conveying sieve known as Vacuum SIVTEK, keeping hygiene first as many industries & their applications require completely hygienic & disinfected production plants & equipment. The production process at many critical industries like pharmaceutical, chemical & minerals, etc needs to be handled in a compact environment as during the production process injurious gases & particulate are exhaled in the air which can cause serious infections to workers working in the plant. 

To avoid hazardous situations, installation of vacuum vibro sieve can be the impeccable alternative as it is totally enclosed & assembled with US FDA & c-GMP compliant. Components. This pneumatic sieving Separator ensures the fine quality of a final product by sifting & screening product under a completely closed system by pneumatically conveying product material from one stage to other in the processing stage. Production of numerous products like medicines, spices & other edible products requires totally contamination free environment as the mixture of any single noxious particle can directly impact end user’s vigour. The salubrious pneumatic screening separator is designed in a way that it allows dust-free operation eliminating airborne dust & other toxic particles.

The SIVTEK vacuum sifter is manufactured with high-quality Stainless steel (SS 304/SS 316L) to provide quality and robustness to our valued customers. This Pneumatic screener comes in multiple diameters & size ranging from 24’’ to 48” inch. The vacuum sieve also comes with self-loading sieve arrangement system, so the worker could perform the job with ease. Our Vacuum Sivtek Vibro Sieve has exclusively manufactured as per US FDA & c-GMP norms along with other obligatory certifications.

Constructed from FDA Compliant materials.Easy clean design, no crevices.

Enclosed system removing the issue of airborne dust.Contamination-free from a manual interaction

Your product quality maintained.Dust free, gentle dense flow –and plug flow (segregation free)