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Filcoflex specialises in flexible connection for the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industry. We are a major player in the dry substances sector, with products for bulk and powder transport systems. All areas of this sector use innovative and reliable products, including the sure fit line, silicone weighing bellows and/or inflatable bag clamps. Filcoflex specialises in custom production and has a solution for almost everything.

Jacob Flexible Connection

Jacob is a popular modular pipework system. Jacob flexible connections are applicable directly to the system, but adapters can also be installed to make different pipework systems suitable for these types of connectors. Popular industries include dairy and foodstuffs, as the connector are hygienic and safe to use with powders

Tri-clamp Flexible Connections

Easy to assemble and breakdown Tri-Clamp fittings are ideal for short term process lines and equipment. Due to the high quality material these types of fittings are often seen in pharmaceutical and chemical plants. 

Flexible Connections

Flexible connections are available in many shapes and sizes and materials. The connector can be designed as round or oval in every diameter, circumference, height and length 

Weighing Flexible Connections

Weighing bellows are for the flexible connection of mixers, feeders on weighing cells to supply lines,or other forms of air transport. Silicones are well known for the supple and flexible properties

Innovative Seal

Serve a spesific purpose not necessarily connecting machine parts together, but also to seal of filling stations, or productions facilities. With this inflatable bag clamp, a Big-Bag or bag is easy to fill, convenient to use and the work environment remains dust-free


Hoses can be used as maintenance solutions or as special flexible connections that are longer in length. There are endless variations possible, but we specialise in rubber hoses that can be stored on roll to cut of the desired length where needed as a solution for maintenance staff,. 

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