Kubota’s origin lies in “weighing and measuring.” In 1890, the company started from producing cast iron weights for scales. In 1924, we acquired the license for manufacturing scales and expanded our business to include mechanical platform scales. Since then, the “weighing and measuring” business has been passed on, evolving for 90 plus years. We are always at the forefront of technological development to support diverse industrial weighing needs. Kubota, which has been contributing to the development of Japan’s craftsmanship, is highly recognized both at home and abroad for devices and systems that put state-of-the-art weighing and measuring technologies to practical use. Particularly, groundbreaking products such as the gravimetric feeder “NX Feeder Series” and plastic pellet screening system “Super PLATON Series” have become a new trend at the production line. Kubota will continue to strive to provide innovative technologies for weigh and control that exceed customer expectations.

”NX Feeder Series” is the new feeder that Kubota gathered our Material handling know-how over 30years.You can find the best feeder for your process from wide range of models. And all products are made in Japan.

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