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Powder and Bulk Transfer

When transferring powder and bulk there is a great need for a solution that is hygienic, safe that prevents damage of the products.


Vacuum conveying offers the perfect solution for producers wishing to minimize their waste and maximize their productivity.

Small Bag Unloading

The application is typically to transfer material from a small bag such as a sac or plastic bag into a suction pipeline and into a conveyor.

Lifting in the chemical industry

The phamarceutical industry requires maximum quality and maximum reliability – both in their products and from the equipment that moves them.

Flexible Connection

We are a major player in the dry substances sector, with products for bulk and powder transport systems.

Sieving & Filtration

Sieving & filtering equipment from Galaxy Sivtek helps in ensuring quality along with requirements of separating or fining of various chemical & pigment applications before they are moved to next production stage.

Vacuum Pump

In the chemical industry DVP technology applications are relevant for processing primary materials for production on an industrial scale and transfer of gases, chemical substances, mixtures and other types of material. Among the recommended uses for vacuum pumps are distillation, drying and degassing.

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