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Since was founded 1935, Marco AB has gained through its 70 years of trading a fast experience in the sale and manufacture of lift tables. Marco group AB is the market leader of hydraulic lifting tables in Europe. MarcoLift lift table products such as scissors lift, docking lifts, hydraulic lifts, elevators, car elevators, cars lifts are constantly developed with a view to increased application use and safety. MarcoLift lift tables are manufactured according to the CE Machines Directives, 2006/42/EG and satisfy the recommendations of the European Standards EN 1570 for lift tables. 

Lift Tables

Single Scissor Tables

The basic model of our lift table range, our multi-purpose single scissor tables have many applications, such as:

  • Facilitating handling
  • Overcoming differences in levels
  • Production flows
  • Logistics flows

The maximum stroke is usually platform length divided by 1.5. For higher strokes, please see our high lift models.

High Lift Scissor Tables

Our high lift scissor tables have multiple vertically mounted scissors that provide a higher lift than single scissor tables can achieve. They are used as:

  • Work platforms
  • Goods lifts
  • Elevators
  • Lifts for disabled people
  • Pallet stackers

Our high lift scissor tables are the rational and economical solution to replace conventional elevators.


Twin Scissor Tables

Our twin scissor tables are designed for handling long and cumbersome loads. Two (or more) scissors in an end-to-end configuration provide the required combination of platform length and lifting capacity. The stroke is achieved safely with precisely controlled synchronization and parallelism.

Loading Dock Tables

Our loading dock tables are the vital connection between vehicle and dock. They are designed for use in extremely difficult environmental and operational conditions, including outdoors, where they withstand severe weather. Their rugged construction handles high loads with ease, particularly the point loads experienced when vehicles cross the table.

Low-Build And U-Shaped

Our low-built tables provide safe and economical material handling in production lines and coordinated logistics systems. They are also ideal as independent workstations for out-of-line handling. Our U-shaped low-profile table is specially adapted for handling pallets (or crates/containers). A pallet truck can position the load directly on the lift table from floor level, avoiding the need for an access ramp.

Car Lift Tables

Car lifts move you and your car quickly and safely between levels. They are the preferred parking solution for homes, apartment buildings and car showrooms with a limited entrance area and a common garage space.  There are three typical sub-applications: apartments and offices, residential, and showrooms. The main purpose is always to save space and costs in a safe and user-friendly solution.

Economy Line

We offer selected lift tables in Economy Line format. Economy Line models are available only in standard sizes, configurations, and colors. Extra equipment and customization are not available.

Important note

The products are available only in standard sizes and are sold over stock. The products cannot be customized.

Mini Lifts

Our mobile lift tables are for handling and transporting goods, or simply as workbenches in assembly, stacking, or machine-feeding. Lifting movement is activated with a foot pedal, so no power supply is needed. We offer lifting capacities 150, 300, 350, and 500 kg.

Goods Lifts

Our unique mast-driven lift (MDL) transports goods between levels up to 5.5 m yet has easy ramp access and a closed height of only 65 mm. It uses high-quality well-engineered components. For example, direct-acting hydraulic telescopic lift cylinders provide safe, smooth, and self-leveling operation. Assembly on site is quick and easy, with no pit required because the lift is freestanding and self-supporting.

Spring Level Loader (PalletPal)

Our PalletPal is a spring actuated level loader that makes loading and unloading pallets faster, safer and easier. It uses a system of calibrated springs and shock absorbers to lower and raise loads up to 2040 kg as boxes are added to or removed from pallets. A turntable allows nearside loading/unloading. No power or air supply is required.

Important note

The products are available only in standard sizes and are sold over stock. The products cannot be customized.

Line Loading/Unloading

The muscle power and flexibility of our UXB table will help you drive material flows and improve factory or warehouse efficiency. Built with top-quality components to ensure reliability and safety, it takes the strain out of heavy lifting. The robust construction guarantees decades of trouble-free operation.




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