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Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

Powder, Tablet and Granule Transfer

When transferring powder, tablet and granule there is a great need for a solution that is hygienic, safe that prevents damage of the products.

Inspection Systems

Very high performance Pharmaceutical Metal Detection Systems. CEIA Metal Detectors detect metal contaminants accidentally present in industrial products with levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and response speeds exceeding the strictest QC Standards

Bag Opening

Vacuum and suction cups are used to pick and open paper and plastic bags

Flexible Connection

We are a major player in the dry substances sector, with products for bulk and powder transport systems.

Sieving & Filtration

Galaxy Sivtek separators & filters are improved based on advanced productive technology designed for API and Formulation product separation and filtration with precise and perfect separation performance. pharmaceutical screening and filtering machines are verified to be massively effective for the sieving and filtration in coating, granulation, milling, tablet pressing and syrup because of their rare design.

Lifting in the pharmaceutical industry

The phamarceutical industry requires maximum quality and maximum reliability – both in their products and from the equipment that moves them.

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