High friction suction cup for flat surfaces. For lifting products such as cardboard, glass and metal sheets.

Flat Concave

Designed for flat and curved surfaces


Suitable for height differences and slightly uneven or curved surfaces.


For height differences, slightly curved planes and uneven surfaces.


Used for curved and irregular surfaces. Can lift even over corners and edges. Not suitable to use on flat surfaces.

Oval Concave

Suitable for handling long objects with flat or curved surfaces. Thick, durable lip.


Forms well on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Oval Bellows

The oval suction cups are suitable for handling of long and narrow objects and surfaces when maximum lifting force is desired. 

Oval Flat

Oval suction cups are specially suitable for long and narrow objects.

Deep Concave

A good choice for domed surfaces, both convex and concave. Provides a good grip over the edges and corners.

Rectangular Bellows

The rectangular suction cups are recommended for handling of long and narrow objects and surfaces when maximum lifting force and grip are desired. The rectangular bellows suction cups are especially suitable for products in plastic flow packs, such as candy bars, and when level compensation is desired.


Suitable for heavy textured surfaces, objects with relief/embossing and generally very rough surfaces, such as raw wood or structured shower plexi glass. It can handle up to a few mm in height differences with very good sealing capability. The material of the rough surface lip is a long-wearing natural foam rubber that is free from silicone.

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