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Plastic & Masterbatch

Destacking layers of sheets

Blanks of metal (magnetic or non-magnetic), plastic, wood or cardboard are separated from a stack and fed into the line. Vacuum pumps and cups are used to “pick-up/separate” and feed.

Small Bag Unloading

The application is typically to transfer material from a small bag such as a sac or plastic bag into a suction pipeline and into a conveyor.

Powder and Bulk Transfer

When transferring powder and bulk there is a great need for a solution that is hygienic, safe that prevents damage of the products.

Injection molding - remove parts from mold

After plastic parts have been formed in injection molding machines, they are typically removed from the mold with the help of suction cups and vacuum pumps.

Lifting in the plastic & masterbatch industry

TAWI lifting solutions are used successfully in various industries all over the world. We customize our lifting equipment to meet the requirements of your industry.

Flexible Connection

We are a major player in the dry substances sector, with products for bulk and powder transport systems.

Weighing and Measuring Control Systems

Kubota proposes the best solutions for constant weighing feed systems for bulk materials and additives suitable for your feeding conditions

Sieving & Filtration

Galaxy Sivtek is delivering solutions to Plastic & Polymer industry since 1990. Galaxy Sifters are used in the recycling of plastics. These machines are used to remove dust particles, chips and other fine impurities from plastics. SIVTEK product delight you with high capacity sifters which can give you tons of capacity to screen polymer powder, plastic granules or to remove any kind of impurities. Trial Facility in Galaxy Sivtek plant awards you the joy of screen-try your product before sending a purchase order.

Vacuum Pump

DVP products also find applications in technology for plastic, rubber and resin processing. Some examples: calibration, contact-free turning of plastic film, dryers, vacuum processing, production of composite material, manufacture of expanded polystyrene foam.

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