The SIVTEK Vibro Separator also known as the gyratory separator is one of the peerless & optimum sieving equipment that is useful for almost all kind of screening, scalping, de-dusting, filtering & gradation applications. Our Vibratory Separator provides effective, economical and efficient solutions to numerous process industries. This Separator is designed for precision screening operations, to ensure quality separation. With over two decades of experience, engineers at Galaxy Sivtek have developed vibrating separator that stands out in the market for its uniqueness. 

Uniqueness here is termed in context with gyro separator’s vivid advantages. It is a highly efficient sifter that offers maximum capacity in your current processing line, resulting best performance for the production to reach its desired level of output. Vibro energy separator is designed in such a way that it gives you a smooth & secure operation experience. Due to its easy re-meshing system, it works for long without any rundowns. With our highly productive vibrating separator screens, you can achieve five different separations in a single operation as it can be structured up to 5 decks.

As SIVTEK Vibro Separator is universally accepted separator it comes in numerous size ranging from 18’’ diameter to 84 diameters. Following are the models available: GS18, GS24, GS30, GS40, GS48, GS60, GS72 & GS84.

To power your requirements with more efficiency, we provide many add-ons that can be assembled with GS for better output. Following are the add-ons & capacity enhancer: Mesh De-Blinding Kit, Vibrasonic De-Blinding System, Sivtek 360 Degree Discharge Separator, Magnetic Separator & maximizer deck.

Inline SIvtek’s Compact design acquires less space and provides more output.

Ease in handling due to automatic discharge of material

Easily affordable as it cuts down the amount of power consumption.