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Lifting in the manufacturing industries

Solutions for every step of the automotive manufacturing process

Metal body assembly

In a robot assembly cell, where for instance car doors are produced, at least a few robots use vacuum in handling operations.

Injection molding - remove parts from mold

After plastic parts have been formed in injection molding machines, they are typically removed from the mold with the help of suction cups and vacuum pumps.

Metal forming - bending, hemming, drilling and cutting

Vacuum is mainly used for loading and unloading in metal forming processes and sometimes holding and sorting of the workpiece within the machine.

Metal stamping and press transfer

Vacuum tooling for handling the panel changes each time a new part shall be pressed. This is a high speed application where friction cups for oily surfaces are needed for maximum performance.

Metal stamping/parts assembly

Robots are used for welding parts together and for material handling. In a robot cell at least a few robots use vacuum in handling operations.

Tailored blanks of sheets

Joining metal materials of different thickness, strength or coating type produce a ”'tailored blank” ready for stamping. Vacuum is used in several stages of the process, mostly for feeding/loading and…

Glass/solar panel handling

Solar glass and modules are handled and fixed by vacuum during the entire manufacturing process.

Automated pick-and-place

The use of specialized machines for high speed pick-and-place of small items with suction cups is very common in the electronics and consumer industries.

Woodworking and wood handling

Vacuum is used to clamp and handle workpieces made of wood.

Vacuum Pump

The wide use of DVP pumps and compressors is the sign of a technology that helps the production process making it safe and efficient. Environment, chemical, health, food processing, plastics, packaging, glass, metallurgy, ceramics, printing and many others: DVP products can be found in every industrial sector.

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