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Metal body assembly

In the body assembly robots are used for welding and also for material handling. In a robot assembly cell, where for instance car doors are produced, at least a few robots use vacuum in handling operations. The sheets are still oily but the speeds and cycle times are much slower than in metal stamping. Safety and energy-saving devices are important for efficient operation.

Advantages with Piab :

  • Increased productivity and safety thanks to special designed friction cups for oily surfaces which also reduces the risk for sliding sheets.
  • The productivity is also increased thanks to vacuum pumps using the COAX® technology and optimizers to minimize the energy consumption.
  • Great grip will also be achieved thanks to a secure and fast grip thanks to high initial vacuum flow of Piab vacuum pumps.
  • Increased safety with special vacuum check valve.
  • Flexible tooling components for easy positioning of the suction cups.
  • Higher degree of process control, sensing vacuum at each suction cup.
  • Easy trouble-shooting.

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