Handling device for pallets

Published 29/11/2021

Handling Device, Manipulator with fork tooling for handling pallets with different dimensions and characteristics.

The device allows the gripping of the pallet both on the central and external blocks, it is also equipped with telescopic controls to facilitate the placement of the pallet at maximum height.

Dalmec is present in companies all over the world. Dalmec engineers and consultants have the necessary know-how to work with you during the whole process, from conception and design to the implementation of your new handling device.

Pallet lifting and overturning

Handling device with forks unit coupled with Manipulator Partner Equo for lifting, overturning and positioning of pallets.

Dalmec Manipulators are custom-built, with specially adapted design, dimensions and picking systems to suit the specific requirements of the users and the various environmental conditions available.